Which lock cylinder is best for your home/apartment?

lock cylinder gardenaWhich lock cylinder is best for your Home or Apartment?

You may be aware of how important it is to have strong locks for your doors in 2019. Whatever the case may be, it’s imperative that you begin securing your house with the right locks and lock cylinder asap.

For you never know who is eyeing your property this very minute from the shadows or behind the bushes. Therefore, we will explore which type of lock cylinder will work best for your home/apartment.


These locks are usually found alongside a spring bolt lock on many commercial office doors and the like. Most deadbolts come in either single-cylinder or double-cylinder form. A single-cylinder deadbolt is the more common lock out of the two.

It features a twist knob on one side of the lock but accepts a key on the other side. A double-cylinder lock, on the other hand, has two cylinders and requires a key to lock or unlock the interior as well as the exterior of the property. Additionally, double-cylinder locks have no thumb-turn mechanism.

lock cylinder padlockPadlocks

Padlocks are small, portable locks that you can shackle to just about any gated door, fence, or side door in order to prevent theft and burglary.

Therefore, these locks come in handy for both commercial and residential purposes when you don’t need large amounts of security.

lock cylinderCam locks

Cam locks are great for installing furniture such as cabinets or kitchen appliances since they allow the object to be held securely together without affecting its outward appearance. These locks are usually fastened into the furniture before the consumer buys them and remain hidden upon completion.

Euro Profile Cylinders

This type of lock cylinder is compact and easy to install, but its main weakness is its lack of security. Therefore, they are mainly used on residential doors and have the distinct advantage of being able to be easily removed in order to protect its usage.

How Secure will Your Property be?

As you can see, there are many cylinders that can be used for your home or apartment. Knowing which one works for you will be crucial in how secure your property will ultimately be.

For more tips on how to choose the best lock for your home or apartment, contact True Locksmith Gardena. We work with the latest lock cylinders on the market and can help you install and/or repair your lock cylinder in a matter of minutes. Call us today.

How to Find the Best Automotive Locksmith in Gardena

automotive locksmith gardenaFinding the Best Automotive Locksmith is not Always Easy

Finding a trusted automobile locksmith who will deliver to your expectations is not as easy as it might seem to be. Considering that you value your car, you wouldn’t want a careless locksmith to mess around with your vehicle door locks or the ignition system.

That is why it is important you ensure you are working with a trusted locksmith who delivers to your expectations. In this article, we feature some important tips you should have at your fingertips when hiring automobile locksmiths.

  1. How Reliable and Trusted is the Company?

Trust and reliability are top qualities to look for when hiring an automobile locksmith. Considering that the time when the need arises might be an emergency, it is important that you contact automobile locksmith who will respond fast and efficiently.

Check out the testimonials from past clients for a true picture of how reliable the company you are looking to hire is. Online reviews assist customers to identify a company that can offer the best services. Therefore, you will want to ensure that you do some research to rate the company in terms of reliability and trust.

  1. Pricing

Automobile locksmiths have different pricing models. That is why it is important you do some window shopping before hiring a service provider yourself. The pricing for automobile locksmith services might not be displayed on the web, so it’s important that you contact the customer service rep for a quote.

Most locksmiths will offer the automotive locksmith services quote for free. Yes, free. Therefore, why not contact a few companies to get a free pricing quotation?!

  1. The Technician’s Skill, Licensing and Insurance

An important factor to consider when hiring an automotive locksmith services provider relates to the above three qualities. What level of skills does the locksmith posses? Are they licensed? How about the insurance cover? These will protect you as the consumer from shady businesses that pretend to have great services online but are just trying to make a quick buck off of you.

Therefore, it’s important that you hire a skilled automobile locksmith to ensure high-quality service delivery. In addition, a licensed locksmith means you will have additional security and be compliant to the city laws.

Insurance is also a protection feature in case anything goes wrong during service delivery. Don’t just hire locksmiths because they claim to be trained, licensed and insured. Verify they have the proper documentation to do the job right.

  1. Best Equipment for the Job

Does the locksmith company have the best equipment for the job? Professional automotive locksmiths only use equipment they need to do the job right. They contract with local vendors to get the best deals for the tools they need in their chosen niche. This guarantees you top quality service delivery.

Looking for the best automotive locksmith services provider? Contact True Locksmith Gardena for the best services when you need them the most.

Do I Need A Master Key System?

master key systemDO I NEED A KEY SYSTEM?

A master key system can benefit your apartment complex or property in many ways. Additionally, it can save you a lot of stress when many tenants are coming and going all the time.

Before deciding whether you need a key system or not, here are a few things you need to know first.

What is a Master Key System?

A master key system is a security system that uses a multi-tiered framework to grant different employees different levels of access to the business. In a master key system, the business owner gets a “Grand Master” key that opens every lock in the building. Employees, however, get keys that only open specific locks or allow access to specific parts of the building.

Advantages of Master Key Systems…

In practice, master key systems provide a variety of advantages:

  • Convenience: As the business owner, you only need one key to open every door in the business.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: When you have True Keys Services Gardena install a master key system, we can simply re-key your old locks, preventing you from needing to invest in expensive new hardware.
  • Security: You can design your system to give employees access to only the areas they need, enhancing the security of your business.
  • Efficiency: Because your employees can access the areas they need, your security system won’t get in the way of their productivity.
  • Control: When combined with a high-security lock, a master key system ensures no one will duplicate your key without your express permission.


Whether you need a simple two-tiered system or a complex system with several access tiers. Feel free to call us at (323) 244-2503 with any questions and to begin discussing your security needs. We hope to hear from you soon, and we look forward to helping you achieve total peace of mind.