Which lock cylinder is best for your home/apartment?

lock cylinder gardenaWhich lock cylinder is best for your Home or Apartment?

You may be aware of how important it is to have strong locks for your doors in 2019. Whatever the case may be, it’s imperative that you begin securing your house with the right locks and lock cylinder asap.

For you never know who is eyeing your property this very minute from the shadows or behind the bushes. Therefore, we will explore which type of lock cylinder will work best for your home/apartment.


These locks are usually found alongside a spring bolt lock on many commercial office doors and the like. Most deadbolts come in either single-cylinder or double-cylinder form. A single-cylinder deadbolt is the more common lock out of the two.

It features a twist knob on one side of the lock but accepts a key on the other side. A double-cylinder lock, on the other hand, has two cylinders and requires a key to lock or unlock the interior as well as the exterior of the property. Additionally, double-cylinder locks have no thumb-turn mechanism.

lock cylinder padlockPadlocks

Padlocks are small, portable locks that you can shackle to just about any gated door, fence, or side door in order to prevent theft and burglary.

Therefore, these locks come in handy for both commercial and residential purposes when you don’t need large amounts of security.

lock cylinderCam locks

Cam locks are great for installing furniture such as cabinets or kitchen appliances since they allow the object to be held securely together without affecting its outward appearance. These locks are usually fastened into the furniture before the consumer buys them and remain hidden upon completion.

Euro Profile Cylinders

This type of lock cylinder is compact and easy to install, but its main weakness is its lack of security. Therefore, they are mainly used on residential doors and have the distinct advantage of being able to be easily removed in order to protect its usage.

How Secure will Your Property be?

As you can see, there are many cylinders that can be used for your home or apartment. Knowing which one works for you will be crucial in how secure your property will ultimately be.

For more tips on how to choose the best lock for your home or apartment, contact True Locksmith Gardena. We work with the latest lock cylinders on the market and can help you install and/or repair your lock cylinder in a matter of minutes. Call us today.