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Key made is the term coined by locksmiths referring to making a car key. As simple as making a key seems, car keys are some of the most complex keys to make. With the technological advances in recent years, car keys range from your standard mechanical key to push-to-start FOB keys. If you’re looking to have a car key made ASAP, contact our technicians at True Keys Service Gardena for a free estimate over the phone.

standard car key

The Most Popular Types of Car Keys:

Mechanical or Standard Car Key – refers to your standard metal key with a plastic covered head.

Transponder Keys or Chip Keys – appear similar to your standard mechanical key. However, the plastic- covered head has an electrical device embedded in it. The key is programmed to the car so that the car recognizes the key and starts the ignition.

Laser-Cut Car Keys or High-Security Car KeysLaser-cut keys provide top-end security because they cannot be easily duplicated. Locksmiths use a special machine to cut these keys; however, the keys are not cut down the edges like your standard keys. Laser-cut keys have their ridges and notches cut down the middle of the shaft, making laser-cut keys extremely difficult to duplicate.

Tibbe Automotive Keys

These are the most complex and expensive car keys to duplicate because their cuts are at multiple angles on the key. Many local locksmiths are simply not equipped with the tools necessary to recreate these keys, so if you need a replacement key made, you will need to make several calls to locate a shop that can assist you.

Car Remote & Key Combo Units – the key and remote are combined into one unit. Even though the key and remote are combined, the programming for each unit is separate. A locksmith will not only need to cut the car key but also program the key and the remote, making recreating this type of key a time-consuming job.
Car Key FOBs / Proximity Keys – these are the newest form of car keys. They are designed to make entering and starting your vehicle as convenient as possible. Vehicles with FOB keys have “push-to-start” ignitions and will open or lock your vehicle depending on the proximity of the FOB key.

Free Estimate Over The Phone

Pricing for “key made” services varies depending on the type of key you need and the complexity of the design. However, estimates are available over the phone, so please give True Keys Services Gardena a call today for a quote. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!